Our Mission

BioChem was created in 2012 initially just for close friends in the competitive bodybuilding scene both amateur and professional. Word quick spread about the quality & price BioChem were able to achieve compared to competitors so we decided to take our products to the European market and then the Worldwide market we now trade in.

Our reputation and the trust we have built with clients has grown drastically since we started and now entering our 7th year as one of the worlds best AAS suppliers bringing you the highest quality products at the best prices to help you get the results and gains you deserve. There are a lot of under-dosed and overpriced products on the market but that is not what BioChem is about. We create all of our products for top athletes so why shouldn’t we pass the quality on to you? No more excuses that someone else has better supplements than you do, the playing field is now level (you actually have an advantage if your opponent doesn’t use BioChem) and the results are determined by you grit, determination and consistency.

At BioChem, we’re not interested in diet fads, workout trends, or mainstream media hype. We are here to cut through all the BS in the industry and provide you with the highest quality & research proven products.

Rather, our research team’s passion is to work tirelessly to make available the most cutting edge supplements at the best possible prices, thereby changing the industry for the better.

What Does Our Slogan Mean?


Snowflake Definition – A very sensitive person. Someone who is easily hurt or offended by the statements or actions of others.

Why do we say this? Because our products are not for the faint hearted, they are high strength and pure quality which is required to get the results you want. Plus we give our no BS opinion especially when coaching clients which is not for the easily offended, however if you want results… SERIOUS results then our straight talking approach gets results every time!